Frequently Asked Questions

Crack the Code Room Escape is a family-friendly live action escape game made for all ages. At Crack the Code, you and your friends will pick a game to play! After a brief run down of the task at hand, you will have just 60 minutes to solve the room and escape... before it's too late.



What is the Covid- 19 response?

All bookings will be private groups. There will be 30 minutes between each group arriving in the lobby. We ask that all groups are on time to keep this time frame. If you arrive early we ask that you wait in your car until your timeslot. (The lobby is closed at this time) All customers are required to wear masks and will be asked to sanitize their hands before entering the room. Hand sanitizer will be provided. The escape rooms, lobby, and the bathroom will be disinfected between each group and deep cleaned at the end of each day. ALL customers will be required to wear a mask at all times while in the facility. Temps will be taken. Anything above 100.4 will not be allowed. Refunds will be given to anyone who is not allowed in. 


What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is live action gaming experience in which you and your team must solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints and strategy to complete the task at hand and escape! 

When should we arrive?

Your entire party should arrive 15 minutes before your booking. This will give time for signing waivers, locking up personal items/hanging coats, reviewing rules and learning more about the rooms, and getting to know you teammates. 

Are you actually going to lock us in a room?

Although we close the door behind you, you can exit the room at anytime! No need to worry.


What if we get stuck on a puzzle?

Each team gets to ask for three clues throughout the game. Each team has their own game master that will monitor them throughout the game and offer assistance when needed.


What if we don’t book the entire room?

If you do not book the entire room, there is a chance other guests may book with you. There is no need to panic. We will introduce you to all of your teammates and get you acquainted! You never know what great qualities other teammates can bring to your escape room experience.

What discounts are available?

If you book the entire room, the rate goes to $25 a person. Please select "private event" to reserve the full room for the flat rate. Wednesdays and Thursdays also have the following discounts: adult tickets are $25, children tickets are $20. There are also specials run periodically through Facebook and Instagram. 


Are the tickets refundable?

Unfortunately refunds are not available. However, we can reschedule your group for another day and time. (Please give 24 hour notice)

Is there a party room?

Unfortunately, Crack the Code does not have a party room. We recommend the local pizzerias within a short walking distance for food, drinks, and mingling.

Is alcohol allowed?

No. Alcohol is not permitted in the building. We also strongly urge against alcohol consumption before arriving. 

Is there an age limit?

Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult. All minors must have their legal guardian sign the waiver.  


Can we take pictures or videos while we are inside the escape room?

Pictures and videos are not allowed during the game. Your game master will take group pictures of you and your team after the game.

Return Policy:

There are no returns once a ticket is purchased except for a rare  unforeseen  circumstances.  The return of funds are at the sole discretion of the owner of Crack the Code Inc. and may not be contested.

Reviews and Social Media:

Reviews on social media are always welcome. No video allowed during game play.  Be respectful and don't post clues or answers on social media as winning is not the point to this exercise.  Also keep this in mind when exiting the event, as new comers may be all around you.