Garden of Chaos Room Escape
Garden of Chaos

2-8 Players

Difficulty: Medium 

60 Minutes


A quiet place filled with nature and wildlife coming together in harmony, peace and tranquility. This garden absorbs you into a world you might mistake for being safe. It is a mystic garden untouched by man. Covered in beautiful plants and flowers of all kind, however something doesn't seem right. You quickly learn that the garden as been cursed by Eris the goddess of chaos, and you've been trapped in the garden when vines close behind you.  If you're going to get out you must help the garden restore balance in the elements and lift the curse in 60 minutes so the garden can set you free.

Types of Puzzles: Creative Puzzles

Kid-Friendly Room and Adaptions

Runaway Freight

2-6 Players 

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

60 Minutes 

You're out with your friends on an eerie night looking for the abandoned building where notorious bank robber Nathaniel Nightshade is rumored to have stashed $100,000. As you are all exploring, you stumble upon a freight elevator that looks intriguing. Once you are inside, the door slams shut! You tripped a wire and Nathaniel knows you are there. He has booby trapped you inside and will be there in one hour. Will you be able to escape this elevator before Nathaniel catches you? And if you do, you may just have enough time to steal the money and run!

Behind the Bookcase.png
Behind the Bookcase

2-5 Players

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

60 Minutes

Your friends finally convinced you to try out the ghost tour they have been pushing for. You are extremely skeptical about the existence of spirits, but make your way into the supposed haunted mansion. The mansion was owned by George Fischer III, who was rumored to have committed suicide in the 1940’s and is presumably still stirring the halls. Your first stop is in the library. As you are admiring the book collection, you lean up against one of the bookshelves when the bookcase turns, trapping you behind it! You soon learn that this is not a fake tour and that a phantom is truly haunting this mansion you are trapped in! George wants the world to know the truth about his death. He has put you in charge of discovering the person responsible and clearing his name. To make it back out, you will have one hour to figure out who killed him and how to get the key to escape.