Due to COVID-19 customers must wear a facemask at all times and while playing the game.

Staff will be taking temperatures of all customers. Anyone with a temp above 100.4 will not be allowed in the facility. A refund will be given to anyone in this case. 

Please visit the FAQ tab for COVID- 19 procedures. Please call 708-860-6930 at anytime for any questions .

Hours:  Wednesday & Thursday 4:30 PM - 10 PM, Friday 4:30 - 11 PM, 

Saturday 11 AM - 11 PM Sunday 12 PM - 7 PM

Please call at anytime to ask about scheduling a booking outside of normal hours. (See contact page for more details) 


The Most Intriguing Room Escape in the Chicagoland Area, located in the South Suburbs!

 At Crack the Code Room Escape we provide a quality, live action gaming experience that everyone can enjoy. 
Put your skills to work in the most fun, creative, strategic, team building game that will leave you energized when you leave!  

In order to escape, you will need more than skill..... you will need each other!

Our Rooms

* When booking the entire room, please select "private event" to receive the group discount rate.

All rooms are 60 minutes long.


Garden of Chaos Room Escape
Garden of Chaos

A green thumb can't help you here. A quiet place filled with nature and wildlife coming together in harmony, peace and tranquility. This garden absorbs you into a world you might mistake for being safe.

Runaway Freight

You're out with your friends on an eerie night looking for the abandoned building where notorious bank robber Nathaniel Nightshade is rumored to have stashed $100,000. Once you are inside a mysterious freight elevator in the building, the door slams shut! You tripped a wire and Nathaniel knows you are there. He has booby trapped you inside and will be there in one hour. Can you escape with your lives and possibly even the cash?

Behind the Bookcase.png
Behind the Bookcase

Your group decides to try out the local ghost tour and end up get trapped behind the bookcase inside the haunted mansion. George Fischer III's ghost will only let your group out once you solve who murdered him and how. You have 60 minutes to escape or else you may end up with George.